Good To Go 360 was started by me, Jeff Cook to provide information and education about all things related to shooting 360 & VR videos. From consumer to high end pro equipment, it’s all here.

My Back Story

I started working in broadcast television just as the industry was transitioning from Film to Video, it’s been a long but fun ride for the past 35 years and I have gained a bit of knowledge along the way and hope I can help you with your current and future ventures in the video world.

I believe there is always a balance between story telling and technical abilities to any good video content creator. You don’t have to know how to rebuild a camera to use it, but it will help you greatly knowing what you can and can not get out of the camera you are using to create your video.

Even though I have been shooting video for quite some time, I am always the student. I don’t think you ever stop learning and especially in the video world where the ball is constantly moving. Every year there is a new camera, new technique, new audience, if you stand still you will be left behind.


Why I’m here

When I was first starting out in television, I work with several “seasoned” cameramen who taught me everything they knew about how to shoot, light and capture quality sound, all the real world things they do not teach you in school. There was one quote from a retiring DP that has stuck with my all these years is “someone helped me so now I will help you”. Giving back is always the right thing to do.

We work in a creative business, almost everything we create is left up to interpretation, some love it, some hate it, but the technical process is the same. I hopefully can help you be the best you can be creating whatever is your vision.

The Mission of Good To Go 360

The world of video is evolving into more than just entertainment, it has become a tool to communicate just about everything from a personal message among friends to selling multi million dollar products to the world. One of the newest forms of video is 360 degree viewing and Vertual Reality. I have a great interest in this new technology but have been really challenged trying to find pertinent and detailed information equipment and workflows.

Good To Go 360 was created to be the best source for everything 360. From how to get started to what high budget production companies are using, a single source for the 360 information you are looking for.
There are lots of things to learn, join the journey with me. Follow me. Ask me for help. Offer your own opinions. Let work together and build something special. Thanks for stopping by Good To Go 360 and listening to my story, I appreciate your time.

Let’s create 360 magic,



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